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This Social Enterprise initiative is committed to not only increase the recruitment of BAME staff in to our military and uniformed services but to help them to grow and excel within this environment to create longevity and potential for rising to leadership levels to ensure we create diverse cultures that reflect our integrated communities.

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41Fire & Rescue

Our services combine bring together two of the leading leadership brands of Ignite Your Inner Potential and Leavers To Leaders.

Both of these have operated extensively in a variety of uniformed services in this area and the combined strenght of knowledge and experience has been brought together to benefit all uniformed services to get the best of their BAME and Commonwealth staff.


One of our key commitments is to increase the recruitment in our uniformed and military services with high quality BAME candidates. For years, our focus…


Having recruited BAME candidates into our services, one of the greatest challenges that we face as organisations, in particular disciplined uniformed organisations, is that of…


There inevitably comes a point where, despite our best efforts, an individual feels that they are no longer able to work in a particular organisation…

Meet The Founders

Kul Mahay
Kul Mahay Co Founder

Kul served for 32 years in the UK police service, of which two thirds were spent at leadership level. In his life as a police leader he has overseen complex and varied departments and commanded critical and major operational scenarios. He has been coaching leaders for over 20 years and now works with a global client base of business owners and senior leaders, using his unique style to help them to not only further their leadership potential but to feel more fulfilled, despite the challenges of their roles. Using his deep knowledge of Emotional Intelligence, Kul has worked with police forces, universities, fire services and the oil industry in UK, UAE, Qatar, India and Ukraine to help develop leaders at all levels, create empowered culturesand to support BAME leaders of the future. His passion for leadership is evident in everything that he does. His personal coaching client base has spanned the globe. He is the founder the fastest growing personal leadership events in the UK, IGNITE YOUR INNER POTENTIAL.

Kul also founded Create and Speak, a very successful intensive public speaker training programme, from which he chooses his speakers for his annual events.Kul is also the author of the popular book, ‘Smash the Habit,’ which draws on his experience of overcoming long-held habits. He believes that physical habits are just symptoms of mind habits. He now coaches, speaks and trains on the art of leadership internationally.

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